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  1. You must sign up before the end of October 2023.
  2. Pull requests must be made between October 1st 2023 00:00 UTC and October 31st 2023 23:59 UTC.
  3. Only pull requests against GitHub repositories on our participating projects list count towards your progress in the challenge.
  4. You must submit a total of four pull requests to any of the participating repositories
  5. Pull requests must meet our quality standards.
  6. Rewards and prizes for completing the challenge are limited to one per person.

In addition to these rules, any attempt to abuse, impede, disrupt, tamper, hack, or meddle in this event will disqualify you from participating.

Quality Control

To ensure a minimum standard of quality the following types of pull requests will not contribute to your challenge goals. We will be manually reviewing all PRs to ensure this policy is enforced.

  • Pull requests that have been scripted or automated.
  • Pull requests that hurt a project more than they help.
  • Pull requests that focus on minor changes such as whitespace, indenting, typos, and optimizing assets and images.

Additionally any project maintainer may mark your pull request with the invalid label which will automatically disqualify that pull request from our systems.