Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Modtoberfest?

Modtoberfest is a celebration of open source projects in the Minecraft community. During October we challenge the community to give back to the open source projects at the heart of our community by contributing pull requests. Those who submit four valid pull requests to participating community projects will be eligible to receive a free prize pack including stickers and pins designed by the sponsors of the event. You can sign up any time during October.

What is open source?

Open source projects allow anyone to view or modify their source code. These projects are very important to the community as they are great resources for learning and encourage collaboration within the community. Open source projects build the foundation of many communities, including the Minecraft community.

What is a pull request?

Pull requests are a popular way to submit your changes to a project. This allows a maintainer of the project to review your changes. If your changes are approved they can be merged, allowing them to benefit from your work. Creating pull requests is a great way to give back to an open source project.

What is the Modtoberfest challenge?

During October we challenge the community to participate in the open source Minecraft community by submitting four valid pull requests to participating community projects. Those who complete the challenge will be eligible to receive a free prize pack in the mail that includes stickers and pins from various community projects. Please check our rules for more information.

Is there a prize for participating?

Those who complete our challenge will be eligible to receive a prize pack containing stickers, pins, and other items from projects in our community that have sponsored the event. Supplies are limited and will only be given out while they are available. Prizes are also limited to one per person.

Does the pull request need to be merged?

No, the pull request does not need to be merged. We only require that they pass our quality control policy, are not a draft PR, and that the project maintainer does not flag your pull request as invalid or spam.

What is the event's timeframe?

The event uses the UTC timezone and runs from 00:00 October 1st to 23:59 October 31st. Any pull request made outside of this timeframe will not be picked up by our system as we use the time provided by Github's API, which is in UTC. It is not possible to add special exceptions for PRs made outside of the timeframe of the event.

How are pull requests tracked?

We track all pull requests created on participating repositories during October. This data is pulled from the GitHub API. For us to track your data you must sign up for the event.

Do pull requests made before signing up still count?

Yes, we can count any pull request made during the event's timeframe. We will only count pull requests that follow our rules.

Do commits count?

No, we can only track pull requests. Additionally, we can only credit pull requests to the author of the pull request on GitHub. This means that Co-authors are not tracked or credited.

How will the prizes be shipped?

The prizes will be shipped through Canada Post. International shipping is supported in most countries. Please keep in mind that you may be expected to pay customs, duties, or taxes depending on where you live. Tracking codes will not be available replacements are not guaranteed due to the limited quantities of stickers available.