Custom Minecraft Objects created from MT scripts
Our game launcher which can be used as a CLI, GUI, and a library for creating and playing Modrinth projects.
Unifies networking between modloaders when using multiloader template, while allowing the networking to be loader agnostic.
A Minecraft mod that forces hostile mobs to only spawn in complete darkness.
Minecraft mod to change tooltip colours.
Purpur suggestions that should be a plugin.
Documentation site for Nucleoid libraries and tools
Spotify inside of Minecraft! Get notifications on what song is currently playing and control it via the spotify screen when pressing "O" or on the button on the title screen.
Repository for the Structure Toolkit Minecraft Mod
[Fabric Mod] Building Tools and Aesthetic Technology
Minecraft mod that shows a 'now playing' popup whenever music changes.
Allows you to grow trees in small pots.
A mod to fix MC-151457 "Fish buckets/Powder Snow buckets are not leaving buckets in crafting"
Component API to add external data to objects.
A tech mod for Minecraft themed around the magic of nature and plant life.
An elegant way of hiding you and your friends equipment.
EnderIO Rewritten for Modern Minecraft.
Fabric role & permission management for servers
Critters and Companions is a vanilla-style creature mod which will fill the overworld with new animals!
Adds a tooltip to the effect HUD in the player inventory.
Minecraft mod that adds more slimes
Minecraft Fabric Mod that adds more enchantments into the game.
A Vanilla enhancing mod without going overboard
Documentation website for the Project Odyssey collection
Server-side mod to let players share their pronouns!
Searchables is a library mod that adds helper methods that allow for searching and filtering elements based on components, as well as offering built in auto-complete functionality.
A Minecraft mod that lets you toggle the rendering of armor (and elytra) with a key.
The source for the Modtoberfest website frontend. Modtoberfest is an annual celebration of open source projects in the Minecraft community.
Makes creepers slightly more interesting and slightly less infuriating
A Minecraft mod that lets you place random blocks from your hotbar with ease.
Fabric/Forge/NeoForge/Quilt mod that allows for changing the size of any entity.
An intuitive Minecraft mod loader which supports both Fabric and Quilt mods.
A deobfuscation/remapping tool for Java bytecode, fork of cuchaz's Enigma.
An open source resource and data loader for Minecraft.
Clumps Items and XP together to reduce lag
A Fabric library to help with shader usage
Adds some flower pots that can be used to grow various crops.
Chasm is a java bytecode transformer designed to handle collision between transformers wherever possible.
MineCraft Forge mod mainly created for packdevs. Tweak certain aspects of the game via configuration files.
Displays descriptions about an enchantment on the tooltip.
Did you wish arrows could break glass? Well it does now!
Impersonate: to assume or act the character of
make your glow squids gorgeous!
Expands the splash text feature, and allows modpacks to define their own.
No description provided
(WIP) A modern shaders mod for Minecraft intended to be compatible with existing OptiFine shader packs
Modern Java decompiler aiming to be as accurate as possible, with an emphasis on output quality. Fork of the Fernflower decompiler.
Revamps Minecraft's vanilla death experience and adds various related mechanics.
Live long and prosper, Ad Astra!
Created becasue Fabric 1.19.4 has no good paxel mods updated.
Byte transformation library for the JVM.
Fabric Minecraft Mod that overhauls wolves and the interaction with dogs.
A simple magic mod with customizable spells, inspired by EB Wizardry & Wynncraft
An experimental port of Vivecraft to Forge/Fabric
Re-implementation of the Fabric API using QSL as implementation instead.
Template to create a maintainable fork of Purpur
A discord bot that parses MultiMC logs for common issues.
A basic Minecraft mod for 1.8 which adds new banners to Minecraft.
Expansive content mod which adds a little bit of everything.
Performant signs and displays for Minecraft
A set of libraries to assist in making Quilt mods.
Ladysnake's gradle plugin for Fabric/Quilt mods
A Fabric mod for Minecraft that provides a highly customizable, more human-readable Debug HUD.
[Forge Mod] Building Tools and Aesthetic Technology
Server-side minigame development library based on Fabric.
Repository for the Parchment mappings data.
Spice up dying in Minecraft with new player death messages.
Gradle plugin for deploying build artifacts to Modrinth.
A mod which adds a bunch of random useful items.
Gradle build system plugin used to automate the setup of a minecraft mod development environment.
A simple coins mod for Java edition. Based on Cubenomenon's coins addon for Bedrock edition.
The source for
This is the documentation for Purpur that uses Mkdocs to generate a static site
Quilt's Mappings for Minecraft
A collection of utilities for porting mods from Forge to Fabric.
A library mod which adds additional code support beyond what is provided by Forge.
Accessible, Data-Driven, Dependency-Free Documentation for Minecraft Modders and Pack Makers
A 1.19 Fabric mod that adds really cool azalea trees in a whole bunch of colors! :)
Telepads revamped and updated.
Library for all of the Ortus team's projects, now 10% more gay
Repository for the Ars Nouveau minecraft mod.
Testing helper library for Fabric/Quilt mods
Neo Modding API for Minecraft, based on Forge
Blazingly fast world manipulation for artists, builders and everyone else:
A Minecraft mod which let you create Skyblock like modpacks.
A tree style questing mod allowing creators to set completable quests for their users
Instructions on how to send a minecraft log -
Display your biggests achievements with style
Automatic registry/loading library for minecraft mods.
Backend server for managing server chat relays and status
A library for making Minecraft MobEffects actually useful
An extensible data-driven Dialogue API for Minecraft
Shows basic stats about tools on their tooltips.
A Gradle plugin for uploading files to CurseForge.
Adds some tweaks to crop trampling.
Fixes client-side vanilla bugs
Small things, improving Minecraft without changing the core gameplay.
Discord chat integration for the ModFest event.
Our Rust-based backend utilizing the actix-web framework to serve Modrinth's API.
Bad To The Bone is a joke mod made to compete in spookyjam
Purpur is a drop-in replacement for Paper servers designed for configurability, and new fun and exciting gameplay features.
Gives you more control over the Keybindings menu
A stripped-down Nyfs Spiders for other mobs!
🧛 Play as a vampire! A mod for fabric/quilt.
A template for a Forge + Fabric project setup using a Common source set.
Download it here:
Fixes attributes having a cap on them that is below what mods expect.
Poison dart frogs, new potion effects and poison darts!
The library mod behind team resourceful mods and more.
A land claiming mod that allows users to claim land to protect your home from thieves, bandits and monsters, and admins to claim land with region flags and advanced protection!
Various types of glass to aid in your building
Maintaining forge port on my github, port made my CorgiTaco, code written by giselbear
A Monster Hunter themed mod for Minecraft
The repository containing Neo's documentation
Serverside fork of baritone for better AI
Our documentation site's source code.
Our Vue-based frontend with server-side rendering and caching for great user experience, speed, and compatibility.
Minecraft Mod: Mirror like object that is used to quickly get to the surface after exploring dungeons. Requested by Kodos
A Minecraft enchantment that retains items upon death
Various tools for Minecraft Mapmaking.
💿 A Minecraft mod which adds portable jukeboxes and note blocks.
A Minecraft mod that lets you sneak through Sweet Berries without taking damage.
Adds new paintings to Minecraft.
Based off Geckolib but now just for my own needs.
📖 An editor/generator for Patchouli books.
Highlight changes certain vanilla blocks from using ridgid selection/highlight shapes into have more defined ones with angles.
A Cross platform library for transferring and storing fluids, items and energy
All things that should have been.
PlotSquared - Reinventing the plotworld
Spellcrafting mod for Minecraft based around Vector math and stack-based processing
No description provided
ME Greater Accumulation Cells - For when kilobytes just won't do.
Magic mod with a magic system inspired by Wynncraft and EB Wizardry
sell your items out of crates
Replaces Minecraft's built-in Java models with GeckoLib-animated JSON models for better resource pack creation!
The source for the SpookyJam website frontend. SpookyJam is an annual Minecraft modjam held in October.
🏺 A Minecraft mod which adds upgradable buckets.
GeckoLib is an animation engine for Minecraft mods, with support for complex 3D keyframe-based animations, numerous easings, concurrent animation support, sound and particle keyframes, event keyframes, math-based animations, and more. Available for all major modloaders.
The source code for the Quilt Developer Wiki
A smart brain library for Minecraft mods.
A Minecraft mod that allows resource packs to make certain entities support transparency.
Voxel Sniper fork for modern Minecraft versions utilizing the improvements of FastAsyncWorldEdit
Adds tips to loading screens of Minecraft.