Modtoberfest has partnered with Tree-Nation to start the Modtober Forest Environmental Initiative! This year we will be planting one tree for each participant who submits at least one valid pull request to a participating project.

Tree-Nation is a registered non-profit that collects funding on behalf of tree planting and reforestation projects. The Tree-Nation team works with experts and local communities to plant trees in a non-disruptive way that benefits the environment and local communities. Their projects range from reforesting areas lost to logging or wildfires, protecting endangered species, and helping with local agriculture. So far they have planted over 34 million trees!

So far we have planted 201 trees and reforested 0.16 hectares! Over their lifetime it is estimated that these trees will capture 68.14 tonnes of CO2. You can find our digital forest here.


  • 2022 - 201 trees